ANGEL DUST “Surrounding” C30
(White Reeves Productions)

This is NOT the Baltimore hardcore band Angel Du$t, so all you tatted meatheads please wander drunkenly somewhere else and punch a bridge or something. Now that I’ve got the rest of your attention – the rest of you being the tatted meatheads infiltrating the experimental noise/drone tape culture scene (you know who you are!) – we can get down to business. What I’d like to do first, before anything, is draw your attention to the White Reeves logo, which, while not technically appearing on this page (you’ll have to click the link below – sorry for the hassle), is the only stamp of approval you need when you want to listen to “electronic, experimental, leftfield, strange” “music” from “Pittsburgh” (tags from the bandcamp page and other text randomly placed in quotes).

Hey! I see you peeking your head in here, metal fan – I thought I warned you.

Now you might also want to know that Angel Dust is one moniker of Kenny Rakentine, man about town and proprietor at “Specialist Morgen J,” another recording moniker used for, well, other recordings. Check them out if you want – they’re swell, but I’m not talking about them right now. I’m talking about Surrounding, Rakentine’s swell new Angel Dust tape. Through twelve tracks over thirty minutes, Rakentine molds brief pieces of processed sound, sculpting them until they each have their own texture, shape, and weight. It’s not weird to consider the sonics of this release as physical manifestations – they’re quite palpable. And quite arresting – they move from tranquil meditations to dark found-sound hollows and back again, showcasing the work of their benevolent creator. There’s a lot to digest.

I guess, if I’m feeling generous, we can invite the metalheads back in – they’re meandering around outside the backstage exit, not quite sure what to do with themselves. Hey, I like metal, and I like experimental drone, so I guess we can all get along after all. Let’s have a noise party! No circle pits, though, please – I’m wearing glasses.

--Ryan Masteller