ANGEL DUST “Post” C28 (Outward Records)

I am left with the wreckage of Kenny Rakentine’s passing. POST is not a forgiving environment – it’s bleak, it’s uninhabitable, it’s barren. It’s a recording filled with linguistic signifiers of the harsh landscape, as titles such as “Skull,” “Struck,” “Drown,” “Smoke,” “Bacterial,” “Splintered,” and “Crush” dot its tracklist. I’m cherrypicking, sure – “Nurse,” “Leaves,” and “Wave” can all be considered to inhabit a more positive tip, but let’s not derail the narrative so soon, shall we?

Yeah, POST is an unforgiving listen, a heaving slab of post-election angst, a commentary suggesting maybe that the postapocalypse is here, right now, and guess what? No amount of modern convenience is going to convince me that the sand is the best place for my head at the moment. I got my eyes open, looking around at things, and I see those things, and I don’t like them. And POST reverberates in my headphones, and I just get angrier, and I’m pretty angry a lot about stuff and things and other things.

And POST sustains me through the weird realizations and awkward externalizations of feelings that only I’ve been privy to till this point. But that’s not helping anybody. Rakentine’s Angel Dust project has helped me feel the feelings of righteous indignation. Maybe it’s that we’re both from Pennsylvania. That alone will fuck up anybody to a royal degree.

Rakentine’s passing as Angel Dust leaves us listeners in a forbidding position, without much in this modern life to grab onto except our ingenuity. Well, that and the blast furnace of detuned droning sheet metal splitting apart at a molecular level. We can hang on to that if we can take it.

Angel Dust

Outward Records

--Ryan Masteller