D/S/MILLER / HUNTED CREATURES (Dynamo Sound Collective) Split c20

A well matched pair! The difficulty of finding the perfect compliment is not lost on me; trying to figure out if the pairs should be opposing and strike a balance in their difference, or is it better to find birds of a feather and put complimentary beings side by side. It may help that these two are both from Pittsburgh, PA.

In this case the two sides are good rowing partners, each working at about the same pace with similar, though not redundant, palettes. Both sides are atmospheric and textural but make an effort to build as the pieces move along.

The Hunted Creatures side is one 10 minute piece that has a distant sounding start (maybe actual dripping noises?) that feels like you're in some long defunct work place turned teenage drug sanctuary, though a bit more ominous. The established space recedes as a pulsing bass synth sound emerges and trades places with a more air driven organ tone, each leaning to the foreground like, sort of like someone rocking back and forth before they puke, or race horses trading off leading. The two eventually meet and mate, intertwining in an wormy, pulsing marriage and it seems that's their goal as the piece comes to end.

The DS Miller side is a lot more loop oriented with hisses and clicks coming round and round like some shit storm of a tape deck carousel, each rotation bringing about sweeping soft distortion and minor adjustments to the loops. The second piece feels a bit less constructed around loops has a pleasant discord combining vague casio bloops, digital interference and any number of slight buzzes and fuzzes.

Nice tape though all the pieces are pretty straight forward without a lot of abrupt changes or disturbances to the ideas that are introduced which is consistent with the art; the cover showing a beardy dude praying it up and the insert has some shadowy figures examining some sort of cave crypt, each suggesting a certain quiet and contemplative moment.

Released by Dynamo Sound Collective in an Edition of 50
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