Lazer Zeppelin - American Derivative - C62 (Brown Interior Music)

This recording is drenched in soo many things. Soo deep into pedals and still poignant and powerful. Lazer Zepplin are from Olympia and ofcourse that matters. They are weirder than the kids in your town, but the coolest kids in theirs. Released by 'Brown Interior Music' in 2009. Both sides have a good movement and motion each their own. The first side swells into full band swing about five minutes in and rips on the Americana thing. Pretty sure allot of these tracks are cover songs but they deffinatly make them their own. It is obvious that their 'sound' is important. The vocals are high pitched like a mouse and the guitars hit the red often. I might describe it as 'folksy on acid, exploring themselves through a band format'. They nail it convincingly and a very endearing vibe is felt throughout the recordings.