DAY CREEP "Death Bell Chimes" c20 (Snow Clone)

Aaron Troyer's Day Creep wows me a second time in a row with some of the most consistently awesome rock music being made today. This tape is leaps and bounds above the previous album that I enjoyed so much a few months back. Really well recorded Columbus, OH one man band, that breaks free of any of the last vestiges of slop apparent on previous efforts. That's not to say the music is shiny or white-washed, but this is definitely taking it to the next level. There is such a keen sense of melody and real tightness to the drums, bass and guitaring. What really stands out here are the songs, which are absolutely top-notch. Aaron, like all the best rock singers, gets his point across in a completely unhurried manner, letting you really hear the lyrics. He's in control and you're in good hands. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Sample the album's opening cut here.
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