DOLORES BOYS "Dolores Boys" c?? [Psychic Mule]

Like my fellow C-godz staffer Fog Tropes, I got this Dolores Boys tape in the mail and when I popped it in there was only 10 seconds of music on it. I did hear a Shadow Ring cover ("City Lights") from the tape on Free From Freakout and it sounded pretty cool. If whoever sent me this tape wants to send another one with music on it I will gladly check it out.
The tape came with 3-D glasses which you are to wear when viewing the nun's nipples on the cover. The 3-D doesn't really work but I suppose it's good to include a mildly entertaining gimmick like this if you're sending a blank tape for review.

I got one of these too, but I haven't checked it out yet, seeing as it had already been reviewed TWICE (and now a third time).  Granted, only one of those copies seemed to have music on it. Mike Barrett's review of the actual music XXX.  Fog Tropes review of the blank tape XXX. --OKF