2 X Bleeding Gold Records

Two releases from May of this year by Bleeding Gold Records finally got my attention and, though they're fairly different listens (even down to the format, one tape, one vinyl), they're both top quality melodious affairs. Both bands (Moon Jelly and Just Handshakes) approach indie-pop/synth-based head bopping in a professional and well-recorded manner. Of the two albums, Moon Jelly's self-titled tape is my fave. Its a trip to put it bluntly. Sound collage and "pop" meet head to head in a battle royale and neither completely overwhelms the other. I'm a big fan of "normal" songs fighting "weird" sounds and this is good tape to experience that with. The second BG listen is the debut LP by Just Handshakes titled Say It. Shimmering pop and (maybe a bit too twee for me) dream-like vocals propel this work. If you're in the mood it sounds great, but I'm a little tired by the second half, so for me the album works in split listening sessions. The musicianship is quite nice throughout however so dig in...basically Bleeding Gold knows what its doing as a label, so explore why dontcha?

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