HOGRA / OXYCODONE “Split” C10 (Love Earth Music)

 Ever wonder what it would sound like to get a transmission from inside a black hole? Of course you’ve seen Interstellar, and haters gonna hate, but I loved that flick. You know, though, I’m inclined to side with those who disagree with the science of what actually goes on in one of those things. Because Hogra and Oxycodone, on this hellscape of a cassette, each contribute the soundtrack to the eternal torment of your molecules being separated. Slowly. From inside of a black hole. And then the results are somehow piped out into the cosmos, readily accessible to those of us equipped to capture and decode radio waves. (Radio waves can get out of black holes, right?)

So, the question shouldn’t exactly ask what any old transmission from inside of a black hole would sound like. Rather, it should posit, “Ever wonder what it would sound like to get a transmission of Satan vomiting souls without end or mercy from inside a black hole?” Note the specificity added. It’s the key to the release. Hogra’s got side A, a little ditty called “After the Burning” (eternal torment, seared flesh, you get the idea), and it’s a wasteland of sonic peril, with the aforementioned Satan-barfing incident taking up all of its time. (This is not to be confused with The Spaghetti Incident, which is a different sort of barfing incident altogether.) Do you like the sound of that? Great! You’ll also love the sound of side B.

Oxycodone does Hogra one better, in that there’s less harsh demonic nasticity and more harsh playing-Merzbow-at-the-wrong-speed-and-mashing-it-up-with-The-Soronprfbs-but-without-rhythm. Get me? No? Get back inside that black hole, then! You need another go-round, son, and this time I’m going to turn up this split even louder! Ten more minutes of this equals 1.75 years on the outside! This is your life now!

--Ryan Masteller