CHARLIE "Kelley’s Girls" (Self-Released) C20

Got caught up by this trio, a month or so back in mee hometown, and by the second measure in I was licking people’s ankles and floods of tension jolted through my spine. I felt 6 years old -which makes sense because 4 + 2 = 6.  91% of the humans in the room dug it hard and the low ceilings seem to drip so I’m guessing the free admission was worth the ticket. GhaHnaLee Charlie helped get the knots out and their pain will bring you pleasure, as it does to them. Halfway in, they tipped over the stage and fizzdeedaddled so hard on the electricity the decent-sized crowd was tipsy.

The four song dayBrew tape captures the intent just as well. And it’s way cheaper than a chiropractor or a good smog session in 2015. The vocals( sometimes dueling) vent, as the bass bounces along like a yer old favorite Spaulding you just won’t throw away, as the strizzle of the sex string( I bet he breaks a lot) signals disastrous collapse in a wad of guilty fear ah moans. Basically, the guitar player makes good tasteful noise. The drums are all wound up and crispy. When the holy souls of your toes get itchy- you know you are getting it. The sound reminds me of digging my car out of a snowbank when your wheels are whirling and you finally lurch out of there as sweet exhaust fume hits the back of your throat. Also, there is just enough sugar in the mix to treat er right. If you buy and listen good to this tape(and you should) and then go see em alive-like, you should feel compelled to prove you’re still breathing by flashing a spooky tooth and grasping at your ratty sweater.  If you want to riskily engage in a two-step, it’s ok DOwatchaLIKE..

Not sure if these guys already have girlfriends, but if not, applications are being held for Kelley Girls. Straight outta 1983- file under TV Soundtrack get on the Post like Moses Malone Punk. In a perfect world, they woulda been the house band at Cheeers.

One of the songs is called Davud Lynch, and funny he was at that NB gag. True Story. I really hope they stick around awhile….

-- Michael Montagano