KFM "///fail" C60 (Self-Released)

When I reference KMFDM, it is because I am beholden to nostalgia. Cringy, ghost-acne’d; a teenager’s having yet to realize that, when speaking to someone of romantic interest, treating them like a fellow human being is the only “tip” one really ought consider. End of story.

KFM sound nihil like KMFDM, but they DO both play on the same recursive, self-deprecating aesthetic, the same propping up of past Tried-and-True-Tones (and synth patches). Yes, they’re both electronic and dance-y, but the former is markedly more moored to disco than industrial metal, more ABBA than ABBATH, for sure. The synth riffs, arpeggios, & beats differ in tempo and attack, but the weight is surely equal.

KFM’s Bandcamp profile purports that this release is to be considered an unfinished collection of tracks; I call bullshit. I wouldn’t change a thing. There’s slow/mid-tempo swagger for days and daze, and it’s pretty perfect for kitchen dance parties, late night drives, and trying to rally for that last hour of work before a nice break.


  --Jacob An Kittenplan