“Pure Gold" C19

Goddamn. Fucking. Silly. I could talk about the slick production and deft, country/pop chops employed, or the deceptively earnest vocal delivery, or the upbeat, chameleon-versatile moods, but the lyrics are all you’re gonna be able to pay attention to anyway because what Jackson Moe are singing about is unbelievably Goddamn. Fucking. Silly. 

This is comedy, with a slight case of the pop-tunes.

Cases in point:
“Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams but your lovin’ melts my heart.”
“My dick don’t smell like your pussy no more, now it just smells like a dick.”
(and the subsequent inclusivity of “My dick don’t smell like your dick no more, now it just smells like one dick.”)
“Hey, just in case you don’t know, my dad’s probably dating your mom. Merry Christmas.”

RIYL: Todd Snider, Wheeler Walker Jr, Heywood Banks, & Mountain Sprout 

—Jacob An Kittenplan