NOLLS "Devil's Tower" (Lucked Out Tapes)

This is a very weird, yet very cool experimental garage band from Finland.  Devil's Tower is their sophomore album following the 'Strange Attitude' LP in 2016.  The album presents as really in, recorded to cassette from a large distance, but Tommi on guitar, may have just mastered his Bruce Russell tone, or happened upon it by accident, as I like to think Bruce did.  Yeah, thick vile fuzz making the recording sound deteriorated.   Another cool thing about Nolls is that they are a versatile band.  This cassette, like their other releases, displays their ability to mix in noise, guitar drone, soundbites and field recordings between and during their gnarly yet sweet garage rock tunes.  Heikki from Nolls told me that the band name is (Finnish?) slang for a drunk person.  This music makes me think more of a buzz'd person having a time at the D.I.Y. show, but that's just the imagery I get from the fairly tight garage and carefully crafted experimental parts.  I have their 1st 45, their LP and now the tape.  I will be keeping and spinning them all.  As the Mee Mees would have it, play loud on cheap stereo!

-T. Penn