VOID BRINGER "Demo" C10 (625 Thrashcore/Get Stoked)

Behold, the apocalypse! I present to you, for your extreme listening pleasure, this brutal demonstration from deep in the woods of Bolton, Vermont. VOID BRINGER. Sometimes a band is just perfectly named and this is one of those instances. On this quick ten minute blast of a release Void Bringer hammers through 9 pulverizing tracks of hardcore harnessing that lovable powerviolence vibe of the 90s west coast scene.  Often bands that play in this style fall flat for me and seem like clones of one of the greats, ie: Crossed Out, No Comment, Manpig, Capitalist Casualties, Man Is The Bastard... and often offer little of their own. This thankfully is not the case here.

Lyrically this thing is totally in your face, nothing hidden behind poetic verse or weak metaphors. The open track literally declares "I don't like it, I don't like it, I don't like it. Fuck you. We hate you." And beautifully sets the tone for the next 8 tracks. Musically this is heavy, fast and ugly with too many tempo changes per song to keep count. Void Bringer are masters of the fast/slow/fast approach to this particular style of extreme music. No frills, no solos just hammering riff, battered drums and angry howls.

The song "Retaliate" features a Richard Spencer sample that highlights one of his disgusting talking points before going into a song that is not an endorsement of his bullshit but an outright condemnation and call to action with a final cry of "Fuck the Proud Boys. Fuck the Alt-Right."

This is a great tape to just let your player auto flip and play on repeat. Each listen reveals more and more subtle nuances buried in the thick mess of distortion. Truly a standout from Vermont, which in recent years has become quite the fertile grounds for hardcore and extreme music in general.

Perhaps write to the band to obtain a physical copy or to 625 Thrashcore, or check it out via bandcamp at the link below.


- Righteous James