TRACEY TRANCE "S/T" C40 (Eggy Records)

Tracey Trance is just the best, okay? Super sunny, repetitive major pentatonic keyboard scale runs with falsetto vocals in harmony to a march beat. His releases on Night People and Not Not Fun have been nothing short of outstanding, but it's always been his tour only releases that have gotten the most play in my stereo. "Hangtown II" is the sequel to last tour's tape and I've already played it about 8 times. He's on tour right now with The Savage Young Taterbug, so maybe you'll get a chance to pick up one of these soon. This is the kind of music that gradually reveals itself on repeated listens. It's not that Tyler (as Tracey is known in the "real" "world") makes incredibly complex music, but more that he creates a sound-world where his becomes "the only music". I could go on to say that this might be the music of the little green elves that create our reality, but that might throw the authorities onto me. Plus, I think the swirling melodic runs contained herein paint a different picture in every listeners head, similar to the graphic work of Brion Gysin. Oh and this tape has a really great dancehall mix tape at the end of one of the sides.

For those of you who can't catch Tracey Trance on tour. You wouldn't be doing your self a disservice to order this currently available release from the fine Portland, OR imprint Eggy Records ( The pieces on this tape are shorter than on most of the past releases and have some cool vocals and that great organ work like always. There are also a decidedly larger number of slow jams and mood pieces on this one. Overall another fine outing with great printing by label maestro Raf Spielman

oh and definitely look for the OOP Tracey Trance releases on your finer blogs.