HIGH WOLF - "Etoile 3030" c40 (Not Not Fun)

Not Not Fun plays medium to yet another fine release from ritualistic loop-hound High Wolf.Six new tracks of treated analog smoke-outs and digital-drum circles by the name of Etoile 3030.Traveling the same winding, hidden path that the Ascension LP guided us down, High Wolf continues their journey through other-worldly drones and sticky electronic pulses.Flowers of Congo is a lengthy bender of wah-laced guitars that tunnel their way through the piles of synth and organ rubble, gently tiptoeing atop a thin layer of icy drum loops.Bass lines The layers of stumbling synth wash and woozy guitar noodling might bring the mystical space-dub of Sun Araw to mind, as well as other like-minded psych dudes, but High Wolf continues to create their own colorful realms.Their world is one of contrasting themes, a place built on blatant repetition, yet it survives solely on constantly shifting rhythmic patterns and never-ending audible boundaries.Clusters of purple clouds linger above, and a heavy downpour of glittery tones soaks the soil below.As the red sun's neon rays find their way through the clouds, unfamiliar new sounds sprout up from the ground and start to grow wildly.Etoile 3030 is HW's most accessible dream inducer to date, and will hold you over until they drop their new full length this spring.Artwork by L.A. Vamp/Pocahaunted voice Amanda Brown.Limited to 150.