“Night Recovery” C43 (Self-Released)

Pretty sure I found my new favorite tape here. I don’t know how to review this without spoiling the surprises; let me assure you that this ride is a multi-disciplinary exercise in tastefully-just-short-of-harsh-noise, sound collage, warbled throwback synths, electro-acoustics, & awkwardly-saccharine blackmetal intros/outros/bridges.

The psycho-acoustic effects of composition need applause, too; the meta change-over-time theme is fucked with pretty goddamned delightfully, as are the highs/lows-as-movements in themselves. Really, I cannot say enough about how refreshing this truly is. While 95% of the world will surely hate it, those tired of pop music and a’hankering for uncharted territory ought be goddamned thankful this exists!

Thank you, Brooklyn!

- - Jacob An Kittenplan