“Dymaxion Life Assemblage” (Hyle Tapes)

Limited edition typically implies the short production run in comparison offers consumers a chance at something special. In the case of the limited edition 50 tape pressing of D. Burke Mahoney and Persona Mercure’s split album “Dymaxion Life Assemblage”, I’m not sure how much larger the demand is.

Mahoney’s side is filled by drone heavy ambient compositions. It serves as good atmospheric listening material in the sense that it’s pleasant. But doesn’t provide much stimulation or interesting developments.

Persona Mercure opted to be a bit more variant and playful with the sounds explored on the b-side. It was still within the same realm as Mahoney’s material and the two make for good companions. Yet it also lacked any quality to compel me as a listener to care more about it.

Do more than 50 copies need to exist? Doesn’t matter. Because Paris label Hyle Tapes only made 50. So go grab a copy because you like the music and/or like owning something hand numbered from the link below.

-- Roy Blumenfeld