SUBESPAI “Vespertine Works” C20 (No-Fi Hideout)

Jim Morrison yelped about the city at night in “L.A. Woman,” but Subespai finds a gentler path. Located in Sydney, Australia, Mauri Edo, the human person behind the Subespai mask, creates ambient dronescapes that capture both the stillness of nighttime and the electricity humming through it. At once sleepy and euphoric, “Vespertine Works” becomes a reverie on which to hang your full attention as you pry your eyes open for the nocturnal duration.

Melodies cascade through the mist as circadian rhythms struggle to sync up. You’re awake and asleep, walking through a dream, jolted into consciousness, drenched by the rain. The sense of loneliness is heightened in the middle of the night in a place where you’re surrounded by other people – you just can’t face it. But there’s an excitement too, so you venture out and discover what there is to discover. It might be the perfect thing.