ANTIQUE BROTHERS "Hot Shit" c50 (Really Coastal)

Of all the things i'd never think to make a 'comeback' or find a home in the 'noise tape' community it would be "pro-dubbed" tapes. But what do i have in front of me but a new release on the Really Coastal label by Antique Brothers on a pro-dubbed bone colored tape, with printing indicating "hot side" and "shit side." Next step "one side longer to retain continuity" notices.

The upside of pro-dubbed tapes is definitely in the fidelity, you can hear the music a bit better, and i'd guess the label has to have a little more at stake in them (it does cost more right?) so they're going to expect a higher quality release, and Antique Brothers deliver just that.

Two sides of music that push and pull at elements of looseness and cooperation as a slide guitar beautifully leads the group through and off of percussive paths suggesting folk, psych and free jazz elements while never investing in one at the exclusion of others. The first side is a lot more patient and exploratory of the forms while the second side does venture into the spastic which is suggestive of out/free jazz. But still, something in there doesn't quite hold on and it remains more in the "psych freak out part" rather than a genre crossing.

The title does seem a little weird to me though, there is never really a "shit" vibe to the whole piece and hot doesn't exactly seem an apt description for something that is so toned down and focused for 3/4 of the listen. It's not for me to name releases though and it's not really worth complaining about when it's as good as this stuff.

A nice second release from the Really Coastal label with full color photo artwork.
Printed in an edition of 125 on the aforementioned pro-dubbed tapes.
still available from the label: