GARETH HARDWICK "Carnations" c30 (Peasant Magik)

This tape got an immediate second round even though i have wtc size stack of tapes waiting to be listened to next to me. A simple packaging, color copy of what looks like a dried up river bed of rocks that's a three panel fold out. First side is a really soothing, almost disarming cascade of rising and descending synth, sort of like the rocks pictured on the front of the case. It's slow and borders on harmonic without ever relying any distinct melody.

The second side is a bit more dissonant though not without resolution, two synth lines slowing intertwining creating discord and a slight tension with a bit more high end though the tones establish a relationship and work slowly towards become a unified field of sound that is, like the first side, more soothing.

A really good listen.
Still available from the label:

note: the label site says one side is guitar and the other is organ, presumably side a is the organ, side b is the guitar which would explain the difference in register and approach but with a consistency between sides in the goals of the sounds.