COSMIC RELIEF "Dekalb EP" (Green Tape)
+plus+ ???MYSYTERY TAPE???
Guest Reviews

Cosmic Relief Dekalb EP 

Nice country-tinged singer/songwriter stuff from... Dekalb, IL. For the most part just guitar and voice with some accompaniment here and there, possibly live in whole or in part. Simple songs with above average lyrics, mostly dealing in loneliness or heartache, but not generic and helped by this girl's voice, strong and pretty, not sultry or cute-. This caught me on an unseasonably warm and cloudy day and sat about right. Hope she finds someone soon, she seems like a nice gal.

This tape of unknown Provenance is either a 2-way split titled blossoming from within the head by gitche-anahne-bezheu and exotic kush pack by aghori or a 4-way split with gitche-anahne-bezheu, blossoming from within the head, aghori, and exotic kush pack. In either case, it's a cassette full of noise, one side more placid noise, the other more harsh noise. Not much else really happens.

Guest reviews by Jesse Baker of Columbus, Ohio...telling it like it is.