I've got a lot of responses to this, so I am no longer taking guest review requests. I'll probably do something like this again when I'm once again too bogged down with submissions. Now I'm going to get down and dirty with the cassettes I've already decided to review. Expect reviews from me covering the house band's at Boston's Gay Gardens, new 905 tapes, GX Jupiter Larsen, Million Brazilians, Pine Smoke Lodge, Guardian Alien, this crazy looking tape called Cartoon, Images, Old Hag, Beef, Black Cum and some Korean field recordings. You can also expect guest reviews from 10+ folks around the world. All coming up soonish...

original post:

Hello faithful Cassette Gods readers and submitters. Sorry I've been really slow this last month, busy with business and all. I'd like to see if anyone out there would be interested in doing some guest reviews on the site. Here's how it would work:

1. you email me at
2. you let me know how many tapes you'd like to receive
3. i mail you a piping hot parcel of audio magic. if you live outside of the united states I may need you to cover shipping costs
4. you pledge on your walkman's grave that you will email me reviews (positive, negative, funny, whatever) within one week. please include artist name, tape title, name of the label and cassette length (if possible)
5. i post your illegible ramblings on the site

Easy right?

Hopefully, by doing this, we can work towards getting a couple more folks on as permanent reviewers and I'll stop feeling so bad about not listening to these tapes that I know I should be checking out...