Bermuda Triangles - "Transmissions" (C.N.P. Records)

Jason Hodges is busy being noisy. A man of many projects (Suppression, Mutwawa, etc.), the Richmond, VA sound sculptor recently released a new tape by his group Bermuda Triangles titled Transmissions on his own C.N.P. Records. These herky-jerky boys have all the wail and madness of early Pere Ubu. Synths are performed percussively and the drums could almost be playing along to a different song entirely. This is off kilter stuff. Hodges' vocal howl wavers on top of and around the pulse(s). Recorded in 2011, the music of the BT's could not sound more out of time if it tried. Opening tune, "Black Knight Satellite," is part nightmare arcade acid flashback and part pile-driver. The title track recalls surf-rock snare drum rolls as Hodges and co. try to break on through. The band's angular beat music and tropicalia horror is of the highest order on this album. Bermuda is calling you to visit, can't you hear it?

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