Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nigel Taylor/Nick Neuburg - "Sometimes, it's just so cold outside" and Dog Suicide, "Windows and Lunch" (self-released)

Nigel Taylor and Nick Neuburg are two Boston dudes skronk tumblin' and wheezing and exploring their way through a minefield of jagged glass the size of the Mojave. Taylor plays amplified trumpet and Neurburg plays amplified percussion, but neither sound like they perform either. Nowhere on this five track album do we hear Miles Davis fusion note runs or anything resembling a regular beat. The duo squish sounds that approximate a balloon being tied into animal shapes and allow feedback to have a conversation with itself. This isn't harsh continuous noise, but it is n-o-i-s-e. Each piece is like a theme and variation because of the limited palette of frequencies the musicians work with. It's almost Baroque in form, an organ fugue maybe (???? probably not), but it's improvised noise clang so...weird stuff. I'll listen to this again though.

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The second tape featuring experimental percussionist Nick Neuburg is by Dog Suicide. DS is a duo of Neuburg and bassist Pat Kuehn who improvise live noise and record it direct to 4-track without the burden of overdubs. This is in the moment sound kidnapping. It works well for the most part and kinda reminds me of Lightning Bolt without the trappings of "rock" music or virtuosity. Dog Suicide might consider editing however. There were more than a few times where the electronic doodling grows tiresome. I could go for more bass actually. "Search 4 Green Suitcase" is a performance that doesn't go anywhere and leaves too many gaps where silence doesn't add to the suspense, but detracts by giving the listener the impression the two musicians are grasping for inspiration. When the duo find a commune of tones that excite them, the performances definitely grab ya, like on "Leaving Swamp" and "Dry, Dry, Desert." Overall, decently flawed experi-tronic-prov.

Listen and Buy HERE.

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