ANYBODY BUT THE COPS "Demo Tape" (Self Released)

Kalamazoo, Michigan is a famous place for diy and these fine folks are at the epicenter of it, key organizers of the Kzoo dit (doin it together) basement/free school scene.  It is well worth a stop!

"Demo Tape" was recorded at Millhouse, one of the main joints, and you can hear the acoustic pang off concrete to prove it.

Anybody But The Cops' debut tracks propel like a high school militia of Mike Watts with ferocity first, genre switching and bending before you can get too used to any one motif.  No-brow duct taped drumbeats hold down zoom pedal jazz metal hewn on denim with a Primus patch.  The only vocal appearances come by way of a few vocal yalps, solo or in unison (and a skit)!  The kitchen sink is packed full oof jams.  There are many moments worth checking out, make sure to stay for the Gershwin riff.

- -Matt Robidoux