"Method for Astral Amelioration"

This New York based ambient drone trio (yes, trio) slowly crescendos as each individual player adds a well mixed layer to the previous player's opening. Each layer has a separate focus; some are clean, sharp and major scale in relation to the other almost atonal drawn out pulses. Played in major key, it harmoniously transcends while remaining robotically cold.

Side B, "Reveal Cosmic Light", is similar in drone but introduces what sounds like an alto saxophone player or a trumpet player who can melodically and beautifully improvise over the heartbeat pulsations of delayed and modulated electronics. He takes a solo early on and then brilliantly underplays amongst the luminescent, cerebral signals of the noise.

Sounds like a sci-fi movie soundtrack or loosely inspired by the early luminaries of synthesizer; Ray Lynch, Kraftwerk, Vangelis at his most Blade Runner ... very well executed, perfect and ready to be the totally sweet noise quartet at your next art opening or hyper trippy beach house birthday party. High honors for this cassette!

Also check out Cassette put out by NNA TAPES - http://nnatapes.com/available-releases/hex-breaker-quintet-riders-c40/ - That's pretty good too.

About 20 minutes

-- Jack Turbbull