This band rocks rocks rocks! Mix Rites of Spring, contemporary tomfoolery effect pedal guitar riffs, Creedence on overdrive, pinch a surf and drench that sinful donut of rock and shit roll with reverb! All yours for the fair price of MUTHAFUCKIN FREE ON BANDCAMP! Save your pathetic life from facebook addiction with this raw power. It's Heavy. It's psychedelic. It's Garagey. Cream's got nothing on 'um.

Sincere and heartfelt. Gritty and stupid fun. Whammy bars and drum rolls and rocking improvisation, this is how its done, folks.

I also like that this band doesn't have one common theme, although the songs are not dramatically different.

My only two critiques is ...

1. I want more, more, more! There is far too many flash in the pan bands like this who come out of nowhere, put out a really promising rockin' 4 song ep and then just fall of the map. I hope this band keeps it up!

2. The first song, BPPAM (feat. Anna Barie) has a significantly different mood than the last three. It's screecher and reminds me a lot of early nineties Dischord record acts. It's a driving, complex song with many different parts and vocal harmonies. It's epic in scale with the guitar dropping out momentarily and with very narrative lyrics. The last three songs are less structured in comparison and rely more on improvisation and the band's natural, badass instincts. I like all four songs, but there is a clear disconnect between the first song and the release as a whole.

Other than that no complaints!!! Get into it! Go see them in New York, NY or something! That's where they are from! Radical guys!

--Jack Turnbull