V/A Réviviscence Ectoplasmique C60
(Crudités Tapes)

I've put off reviewing this fantastic compilation of forward thinking noise, rock and pop artists from what I believe is a French Cassette label, Crudites Tapes, because it's a daunting challenge to really review a compilation that gives the release justice. All the songs don't necessarily correspond to the one before as various acts have very varying styles of approaching music. To put it simply, there's a lot going on here. So I'm just going to wing it, who cares?

If you desire sonic variety in your cassettes, look no further. This cassette offers a great range of flavors for those who don't mind their music super noisy or psychedelically loungey. From challenging foreign vocal scream fests to surf reverb distortion doo-wop... it can be skuzzy and cool, as harsh as a microphone crushing a half stack - and as psychedelic as minimal hip hop beat accompanied by dark phoenix feedback and LSD handclaps. It's not without acoustic guitars, vocal harmonies and brass arrangements as well! There's songs in here that can meet the needs of a young dark-synth fanatic to a cool grandparent in a beach resort nursing home. There's also just strange foreign reinterpretations of classic rock/ballad structures, garage rock in different languages that I don't even know, you know ... if you like obscure, cool music from lands far away, ... wow, hey, what more do you want?

Also, the cover artwork by Piere Tatin is FANTASTIC! I wonder how big it is in real life? Kind of reminds me of the ghosts from and the color pallette of "Princess Mononoke".

So yeah ... blast it for new and neat surprises ... ! I recommend highly.


--Jack Turnbull


1. Henri le Gorgeous & The Meth Addict’s Kittens Society Band Gang - Bijou anal pour l’esprit
2. Pierre & Bastien - Démocratie
3. André - Mend
4. RER A - Classical Murder
5. Yuppies Indeed - During Fire
6. Advent Nivid - Big Man
7. Anne F Jacques - Liège Plastique Carton

8. Carrageenan - Drive
9. Fracture Ouverte - Johnny Blaze
10. SSBASS - 200 HP 12,000 RPM
11. Shopping - Theme
12. Left Leg - In this union
13. Putavelo - Ma copine
14. 11ième étage - Je ne sais pas trop quoi faire
15. Theoreme - Paul
16. Guy Mercier’s Empty Mall - Péage Mélodie

Listen: http://sdzrecords.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-r-viviscence-ectoplasmique

Buy: http://sdz.bigcartel.com/product/v-a-reviviscence-ectoplasmique