"August" & "And Everything After"
(Holy Infinite Freedom Revival)

You know when you be fuckin around on some keyboard or guitar and you be piecing some weird things together and all of a sudden you like "DAMN, THAT SHIT IS TIGHT"? That's what Teen Brigade's tape "August" & "And Everything After" is kinda like! Spacy, Psychedelic melodies flowin between and across other shrympanati melodies! THIS IS GOOD TOSSIN MUSIC! SEX MUZAK! I think it's just one dude, and whoever he is, that dude is off tha MOTHAFUCKIN CHAIN! I was rockin this tape at a late night BBQ and ervrybody kept sayin "THAT SHIT BE GOOD"!

This tape is actually two albums combined into one tape released by Holy Infinite Freedom Revival, a label from Indianapolis! This label seems tight as a shrymp's ass! Check it out @ http://holyinfinitefreedomrevival.bandcamp.com/ !

And you can stream the whole Teen Brigade tape @ http://holyinfinitefreedomrevival.bandcamp.com/album/august-and-everything-after ! But streamin tha digital crizzy ain't nothin like the real tape! SO ORDER ONE FROM THESE BOIZ! PEACE!

-Frank Hurricane

welcome to the crew Frank!!!