Yamaoka - "Silent Bridge" c66 (Sacred Phrases)

  Beautiful album from Japanese electronic musician Kenichi Oka aka: Yamaoka, on the well fitting Sacred Phrases label. Mesmerising set of tracks that span over a decade's worth of electronic music styles, in just 66 minutes. Sharp, percussive synths are weaving tight micro-rhythms all at every turn, morphing at a relentless pace. Hints of early techno and drone tactics run throughout Oka's hallucinatory arrangements, with more than a hint of modern new age to fill them out nicely.
  It's easy to lose yourself in this at times, as the deep repitition takes hold of you near the end of side A, but that is a very good thing in my opinion. Side B is equally as intense, yet it remains playful and bright, reminding me of Steve Moore or even Tangerine Dream at times, respectively. As the last seconds roll on I realize that this one is a total winner front to back, and you should grab it quick. Limited to 100 with DL code. Get one here: www.sacredphrases.com