“Little Mac” C21
(White Reeves Productions)

Is Lil Mac an ode to a dog, presumably named Lil Mac? I don’t know. That’s certainly my guess, though, as I can imagine pet owners grow a certain affinity for their wards. I’m not a pet owner – too many allergies in our house growing up. So, with that in mind, this two-track tape comes off like a eulogy to the pup on the cover, as the title track’s euphonic synth and tape strains mimic a church organ throughout its ten-minute runtime. It feels like an ambient funeral service, replete with all the pain and hope bubbling raw to the surface of Andrew Kirschner’s consciousness. If this is the case, Andrew, I’m sorry for your loss.

Side B is much more cosmic in tone, and that’s actually completely unsurprising. Keeping with the theme, Kirschner’s titled this passage “I Will See You Again,” and if I’m correct about this tape being an ode to a beloved lost pet, then AK would undoubtedly pine for a reunion with Lil Mac in the afterlife. It’s a more pensive, brooding meditation, filled with thoughts of uncertainty. It makes total sense here, as if Kirschner isn’t sold on reunification, but he’s pushing toward it anyway. Here’s hoping you get that chance to hug your little pal again, Andrew.

Sorry I’m such a downer today, but look at that cute puppy face! I love him!

This has been a White Reeves Production joint. As usual, the White Reeves team knocks it out of the park. This feels like a minor release compared to the other, more wild-eyed and frenzied tapes this crew has issued, but it nonetheless scratches that experimental itch. Make it part of your collection today! Oh, wait, it’s sold out. Bandcamp, people!

Lil Mac Bandcamp page

--Ryan Masteller