MASON MERCER “Slobber” (Self Released)

Bedroom pop fans rejoice! There is another artist with a home recording studio worthy of your attention. Mason Mercer, covered on this blog earlier in the year, is a straight edged Christian from New York. According to his bandcamp, he put a year and a half worth of work into “Slobber”. It doesn’t get much more bedroom pop than being a multi-instrumentalist who made the whole thing in his Brooklyn bedroom. The whole thing is very well done and doesn’t sound lo-fi at all. The tape was mastered by another person in somewhere that wasn’t a bedroom so that probably explains why. The instrumentation is good and the production is even better. The only thing I wasn’t digging were the vocals. Not his fault but I found his voice annoying. I was still able to enjoy the tape for its other qualities that I found redeeming.

Besides the cassette, you also get a lyrics sheet/poster and a mini photo of a man’s body. Please note: apparently there is an alternative cover version for sale as well that has an old man on it. Mine copy is pictured and as you can see I got the originally one which features a boy. I don’t know what the hell is going on in either picture but quite honestly neither are particularly great choices.

-- Roy Blumenfeld