Monday, July 31, 2017

“Similar Thoughts” (Centipede Farm)

This is noise/electronica. But not just that. It is industrial strength noise. Loud, shrill and pointed noise. Noise that could live comfortably in any of the major cities in the midwest. And be damn proud of itself.

We Also Let Blood is the brainchild of one Harrison Phillis who apparently did everything on this release. I’ll be the first to admit I can only take so much noise/electronica but must confess that Phillis does what he does quite well. “Fog Shards”-the opener on side two, is particularly interesting, as there is a subtle touch of melody weaving through the wall of screeching that comprises the track. Even here, however, Phillis never lets you get too comfortable and maintains the bombardment well above any sense of melancholy and soulful malingering. The tape concludes with “Every Banality” where Phillis throws everything against the wall and it all sticks. Don’t get me wrong, this is still noise, but there is a lot going on until it settles firmly into a groove of….more noise.

In all there are five tracks here. The tape was released in 2016 and beyond that, as all too often is the case, we have no other information.

-- Bob Zilli


  1. *Eyeroll*

  2. The reviews on here keep getting worse and worse.

    1. Dearest critical one,
      Please accept this humble invitation to provide more explicit, constructive feedback.

      Yes, surely we could likely do more legwork and perhaps take a Google-It class or two (just as submitters might consider taking the time to write a liner note!), but, this aside, what might you request of us?

      Your humble CG,
      An K

    2. I was being slightly unfair and didn't really pick this particular review for any particular reason. I used to come to Cassette Gods to pick up new tunes but a good swath of the reviews lately have consisted of a paragraph long personal antidote (that had nothing to do with the actual music), followed by a snarky comparison to another band and that's it. I know there's multiple contributors on the site, but I'm not really interested in seeing people imitate the way Vice used to do their reviews. I think streamlining the submission process (having artists include a few sign posts: genre,musical influences, etc.) along with organizing the contributors in accordance with their tastes as well would be helpful. That way the reviewer is getting something they might remotely like and will therefore write better, less forced, higher quality reviews. That's my two cents.

    3. Thank you for your sincere input! I know I'd certainly appreciate it if bands would submit a small bio, genres/influences...hell, dear anonymous one, I'd appreciate it if I'd get more than an illegible name hand-scrawled-in-black-atop-blank-black cassette shell...but I'll certainly continue to do the best I personally can to either inspire (or warn) people of the stellar (or utter mindless tripe) that comes my way.

      The head honcho that selflessly receives & disseminates these tapes en Masses has a full plate, already, so I'm not sure how much time he has to sort through all the tapes that don't have genres (did I mention how fucking many folx don't put A NAME on their tape?!!!) as indicators for who might be the best recipient of their tapes. This is all done under labor of love. Opinionated & onanistic at times, but for the love, I can assure you.

      Happy exploring!

  3. Well if you guys need an extra hand I can certainly help write reviews and put my money where my mouth is. I've got an MA in English so I can write well enough. Additionally, I play in a band and have a decent background as a listener of most genres. Just throwing it out there...

    1. I think Nick was looking for more reviewers recently. Couldn't hurt to email him. His contact is on the website somewheres. ;)

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