BR’LÂAB "Molochville” C22 (Ana Ott)

Along the North Western German border labors a freaky dream factory known as Ana Ott, who specializes in shedding dawn on unknown artists who want nothing more but to Keep It Fucking Weird. Seriously, every single artist on this label’s roster is brilliantly innovative and truly left-of-left-field. LOVE IT!

Br’lâab’s “Molochville”, a side project done by a film score composer-gone-batshit, is an all too short collection of hazy dream sequences woven into yet more blurry vignettes, utilizing chopped/screwed samples & loops, field recordings, & semi-virtuosic instrumentation. The result is a warped meeting of several realities and the complete disassociation from time and space. This has to be what Timothy Leary heard as he waded through his bardo. This is for reals something special and not to be missed!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan