"Von Bock Strasse 18” C30
(Ana Ott)

Michael Valentine West’s sophomore release for the (ground-breakingly badass) Ana Ott imprint is a patient, meticulous, finely nuanced beast. Painstakingly stitching together glitchy tones, blown out field recordings, modular synth swells and dramatic, narrative dynamics, this release is not likely an easy listen for those seeking instant gratification. MVW’s compositions are beyond complex AND well planned out, establishing unique, meditative loops (that could easily stand up on their own) before breathing yet more life into them, just as you’d swear your ears were already super-saturated.

In just under a half hour, and spread across three tracks, “Von Bock Strasse 18” is a hypnotic, hallucinogenic journey through serenity, ecstasy, and nerve-wracking anguish. Strap on some decent headphones and find a quiet spot to listen to this one at least twice in a row, each time.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan