"Supernova" C30+ / "Spaces For Strangers" C23+
(Bullshit Night Records)

Never more than now would a Neil DeGrasse Tyson soundbite be more applicable. Cleveland, Ohio’s EU-IV (“you-four” [&I presume the next syllable is an implied “ic”]) provides ample jazzy/hip-hop samples/rhythms to rhyme and/or muse over, in the comfort of your own jambox-realm. Standard beats and edgy dead-space-in-the-mix passages will hopefully inspire generations to come.

As for the Seattle-ite SARCASTALITES, Gwen Thomas sings, plays, records & mixes this “Spaces For Strangers” entire album, utilizing an all-ladies team of engineers (6 of them!) to master/produce/churn out this solid ‘70s disco collection, with novel, millennial themes.

“Earth is for friends…Space is for Strangers” INDEED.

  --Jacob An Kittenplan