“Ressemblera” C38 (Astral Spirits)

Don’t you get it by this point? If it’s on Astral Spirits, it’s all improvised!

East of the Valley Blues is the Toronto-based twin-brother acoustic guitar duo of Kevin and Patrick Cahill. You know there’s some serious mind-melding going on here, Spock style – I mean, these guys shared a womb, for crying out loud! In fact, I’d go so far to suggest that East of the Valley Blues is the greatest sibling operation this side of the Bacon Brothers, and THAT’S saying something.

“Ressemblera” is a dusty desert monument like Devil’s Tower or some shit. There are two tracks – the title track lasts thirty-two minutes, and you can sure gaze at some big sky in the night as you sit around your campfire listening to this play (if you’ve left enough room in your backpack for a tape player, that is). At once gorgeous and tense, relaxing and driven, “Ressemblera” the song shifts and changes while remaining squarely in the Fahey/Basho idiom throughout, the guitars becoming living creatures that take form as constellations and swirl in a cosmic dance before your eyes. “Reassemblera” continues this dance for six more minutes, an encore before you curl up in your sleeping bag to let the universe brightly swirl through your dreams.

The Cahills are a wonderful addition to the Astral Spirits roster, and their work here is unmatched. Buy two tapes today!

East of the Valley Blues

Astral Spirits