"Rectal Invaders" C29
(Nailbat Tapes)

May I humbly suggest you not google the words “fecal vomit” without ALWAYS including “rectal invaders” alongside it. I like talking shit with the best of ‘em, but my trivial lexicon expanded in ways I really wasn’t (and am still not) too jazzed about. Yes, “fecal vomit” isn’t just a Harsh Noise act from Serbia, but an actual, often fatal, medical condition. This tape, while not life threatening, is certainly unpleasant, but confidently and concertedly so, as the genre’s name implies, “harsh” implying “too”, right?

On “Rectal Invaders” (behold the brilliant J-Card art!), Fecal Vomit (the band) maintains a subtly muted digital-malaise, pairing dial-up-modem bit-crusher destruction with dime-store quality practice amps acting chiefly as vessels for any number of passing AM/FM ghosts/cell phone calls/passing Run DMC revelers & sub-woofer-death-rattle. The half-hour trip runs through a good number of human-vs-machine-output motifs before settling on the dignified exhaustion of achieving planned obsolescence.

Nailbat Tapes (PDX) promotes a fairly diverse cast of abrasive music and sound artists, so check out their Bandcamp via the link below!


--Jacob An Kittenplan