FINAL COP “A Structure of Violence” (Clan Destine)

Among the misfits littering Glasgow label Clan Destine’s catalog, Final Cop fits right in. The German Army side project makes negative music that sounds like the visible representation of the j-card cover’s gun- and knife-wielding everypunk: blackened, false-color rhythmic lurches toward an insignificant target that you gave everything to try to take down. Misplaced anger begets misplaced chaos. You haven’t really thought this through.

A Structure of Violence is here to help you get back on track, to center you on a path toward productive disruption. It’s like harsh industrial manifesto that gets in between your ears and agitates you until you feel like you’ve been shaken by factory-grade canning machine or something. Then it fills you with dread – dread for the future, dread for yourself, dread for your soul. Blistered in infernal forges, the death-electro tracks on A Structure of Violence are coated in crust and seared to indigestible ash. It’s an appropriate sound for an appropriate motivation.

But that’s just it – the fruits of violence are like crust and ash filling your mouth till you choke on that anger and that desperation. Is whatever’s left worth fighting for?

Let’s put down the gun and the sword and figure out a real way to make a difference. That still doesn’t mean you can’t rile yourself up from time to time with a little bit of Final Cop action.