HYPNAGOGUE “Distant Light Receding” C42 (Momentary Solitude)

“Inspired by the harsh beauty of a coastal New England winter.” Been there, reveled in that. The beauty, I mean, of winter in New England. Coast or country, doesn’t matter – it’s cold, and it’s quiet. Blanketed under snow or bleak, barren, and wind-blown, the environment lends itself to staying indoors and warm rather than braving the frigid temperatures. Even if you have to wander out there for some reason (my friend’s a Massachusetts farmer, for example), you don’t move much, pressed as you are into your own body within your layers of clothes in an attempt to stay warm.

And whether you’re indoors or out, you’re almost certainly bound to spend a lot of time within your own mind. “Distant Light Receding” is perfect accompaniment for your thoughts, a vehicle to transport your emotions and allow you to make sense of them. James Rosato’s delicate ambient folds of tone become the aural equivalent of the cloud layer on those gray days, obscuring a weak sun that pops out for a few hours a day, then heads back beyond the horizon for those long cold nights. The best part, though, about the winter sun – presumably that titular distant light – disappearing? The starry New England night sky is just so much better this time of year.