CAMERON / CARTER / HÅKER-FLATEN “Tau Ceti” C60 (Astral Spirits)

Out of this world, man.

Like seriously, and literally. Lisa Cameron, Tom Carter, and Ingebrigt Håker-Flaten know what’s out there, like they’re the visionary Fox Mulders to our incredulous and grounded Dana Scullys, “I Want to Believe” posters flapping in the breeze of the quantum anomaly they’ve somehow managed to conjure in their practice space. They’re gazing skyward to Tau Ceti after all, a star in the Cetus constellation that has similarities to our own sun. Tau Ceti the star has planets orbiting it. Some are potentially habitable.

But for what?

Yeah, yeah, ripples and energy coming from the cosmos, interacting with us in some way because we can pick up the frequencies. This whole thing’s in a slow-cooker, with SETI laboratories poring through the data. Cameron, Carter, and Håker-Flaten are messing with the frequencies, causing chaos in the readings. Maybe they’re making the frequencies. Maybe they’re not even on earth.

They’re definitely making the frequencies.

Tau Ceti takes its time feeling us out, probing our intelligence and defenses with measured and deliberate string plucks and percussion hits, until all parties are ready to determine that “We Are Not Alone.” And then “Daath (The Abyss)” erupts like a methane geyser on Enceladus or a solar flare, rippling out into the vastness of space and trailing color and light. And “Traveling Spaceways” just tries to one-up it, but it’s a psych blowout too, ripping a hole in the fabric of space-time.

Tau Ceti, here we come! … Or it’s coming to us. Either way, strap in, Mulders and Scullys (and everyone else).