JEREMIAH FISHER / ANTHONY JANAS “Jeremiah Fisher / Antony Janas” C40 (Reserve Matinee/Leicht)

Jeremiah Fisher’s 20 minute long string of stream of conscious sounds morphs environmental ambiance into nervous system-direct scrapes, pulsations, & reverberations, then back again, at breakneck speed & with such a fluidity, it leaves the listener feeling there both the entire cosmos and just one tiny compact point of dark matter, simultaneously. The composition, with panning as part of its own internal movement and mood, not only stays fresh but outright gripping in its novelty with regard to tweaked samples and living, breathing, seething modular syntheses. 

Anthony Janas’s side is every bit as spellbinding, but through entirely different means; though still focusing on shifting the inner ear’s perspective of spatial concepts w/r/t his disembodied field recordings, AJ crisply holographs an alien landscape for us to experience, but then veils our receptors with treated* dissociated doubt! One might find these poses “creepy”, were one even able to reference a “normal” anywhere nearby.

These two sound sculptors are visionaries and their work is so meticulous and complex, I doubt it’ll ever get old before the magnetic strip gives out. Enjoy this Deep Listening delight with good headphones in a quiet, uninterrupted space!


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*again, expert panning and pedals are employed to make one feel heavily drugged