"Edith Qberts Squash Insurance: Save An Absurdist, Eat A Rationalist" C30 (Zeikzak)

Brent Field has been making lonely and depraved music under the pseudonym Edith Bunker for the better part of the last two decades. His stuff has consistently been at the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality, availability, fidelity, positivity & accessibility...in the best way possible! Incessantly negative diatribes against humanity, the sound of things breaking, out of tune acoustic guitar, more sounds of things breaking...Field operates in the comfortable space between credibility and retarded savagery. This is most certainly not for you, unless you're me. The tape in question was the first release on Belgian label Zeikzak from about four years back and is probably pretty hard to find, but it's a winner (in a "hey look, I found my teeth in the toilet bowl sort of way"). Pretty much everything I've got from this label has both looked and sounded fantastic (Crown Now tape, Id M Theft Able LP, etc...), keep them on your radar too.

Try to locate any of his recordings in your finer dumpsters or possibly on the internet??? I think Mangdisc might have something available (http://www.kraag.org/mangdisc/), I know that I sold out of all of the six CDR sets on Feeding Tube almost instantly (and mostly to Japan!).