THE SHITS "The Best Of The Shits" C30

Another review of a tape you probably won't be able to listen to or find (unless you remember how to pick up the damn phone). Only slightly less preposterous than Byron Coley reviewing a 1/1 edition in Wire that he has the only copy of. The Shits are currently playing out of Western Massachusetts and they keep getting better with every passing week. Basically a garage covers band, but really so much more. Sort of like the Monks on a bad dose of something or other or like the Doug Yule era Velvets, but thrice as drunk. You may know the songs, but the vocals get particularly brutalized on every cut and the band is especially scorched sounding. Songs on their first tape: "Louie Louie", "Now I Wanna", "Positively 4th Street" & "You Really Got Me". These guys and gals only play birthday party's for $50 and case of beer, so give 'em a call if your in New England (413) 689-3026.