PETER KRIS "Marshal South" (Geology Tapes)

This nine-track tapes starts off slowly. "Cabot Yerxa" is a winding synthesis of electronic sound that, though drone-like, manages to capture your interest and attention. The second cut, "Heads Off Track" adds some nice, mellow guitar work to the background layers of smooth electronica.
And so it goes through both sides as Kris entertains with a minimalist approach.

The tape is packaged in the customary j-card and Norelco case. A simple yet well executed approach to the artwork is sympathetic to what you hear. Based on the credits, it appears this is a one-man show with Kris providing all the instrumentation and I assume, the production as well.

The tape format has become a popular format for this genre, and it's comforting to know there is an outlet for music that's not particularly commercial or mass-produced. Part I why I love this current rebirth of the tape medium. Kris's music deserves to be heard and I look forward to hearing more 
from him and others like him.

-- Bob Zilli