Andrew Felix - Intermediate State (Enter).

Put this tape on and let it hit all of the senses: wind chime, machine, vibration, calm, calculus, marching. It's a knowing blade cutting between two worlds and when you let the capillaries regrow between them you'll see how everything is connected for proper blood flow. Point A to Point B. Wet coat and dry coat. Battalion to quieting. Exploding then reassembling. Cryogenics then thawing. It can all be rendered much more reliably with nuance than grenade. Take this tape on the freeway during rush hour and laugh at how conflicted everyone is. Take it on an airliner and sense the landing gear retract up then lower down. Know before and after, settle into calm. Cruising altitude. The drone is pure and drone is power of cellular vibrations. Breathe it until sounds are solidified and replace your own form in transition. Drink reflection from a pond and step back to see it looking up at you. Strata in a slice of mountain angles: did you count them? Did you count your own rings? You can guess at the number. It's just marbles in a very large jar that sits quietly until it is noticed by your former self. Focus on how everything connects in transition, the end to the beginning and the middle to both halves. Get this tape and find a better place within or that will come.
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