IMAGES "Know What I Mean" & "The 60's Sound" (Last Nights Records)

Images is the long running project of Scott Ryan Davis and friends, originally out of Port Chester, NY, but now based in Brooklyn. The Know What I Mean tape is bedroom echo psychedelia done well, with songs and drones moving freely from one to the other.  You can tell that this guy knows what he's going for.  Even though we may have heard this before, he still get's it down right.  Some of this gets relatively high energy too with drums and all that.  The 60's Sound tape is a little more experimental with lots tape manipulation stuff going on, but there are some solid songs in there too.  Check out the links below, you might just like this if you're into Wooden Wand or Tower Recordings (who each share a geographical birth place with Images).

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Video for "Tongue Out" from The 60's Sound