Fossils From The Sun vs Parashi/Xanthocephalus Split (Skell LLC, c34, Ed. 50)

Both Fossils From The Sun and Parashi are two of my favorite projects coming out of the NY capitol region nowadays. Both of the men behind these monikers are presently doing time in the polyglot of ferocity that is Burning Hills. Though, on their own, their music moves towards more meditative and contemplative planes, both masters of layering hypnotic loops. This collaboration is simply both players tuned in and turned on, vibing out on each other's sounds. Mike (Parashi) is keyed in, looping his electronics and Ray's (FFTS) heavily precessed guitar play adds depth and vibrance beneath Mike's crisp, arid textures. At moments I can hear each player's sounds distinctly, and I can tell when one players holds back and lets the other take control. And the best moments are when I can't separate the minds at work, the total fusion of two outstanding platers.

Russ Alderson's Xanthocephalus contributes his harshest piece I've yet heard. Russ' method of combining bass guitar and field recordings has resulted in some excellent low end drone on the other recordings I have. Here he cranks the distortion for heavy walls of crud and rust and delicately perches bird calls atop the junk yard fence, to fade out to some almost delicate finger playing. As much as I have appreciated Russ' previous works, I was starting to think his style to be somewhat monochromatic. This piece proves me way wrong and highlights that his sense of dymanics and texture can be used to evoke different sensations, and with different aural palettes.