LAZY MAGNET "Crystal Cassette" C45 (Night-People)

I feel like I said this last time, but the new Night-People batch really is the best one yet, not least of all because of this fantastic new tape by Lazy Magnet, a man of the world of I've ever met one.  What world that is I'm not so sure, but any world that he's welcome to is better than the one that I come from.  Take a gander at all the new releases at the label's website.  At the very least you'll want to get three of 'em...

"Sounds like a paraplegic singing a love song to his computer in the middle of the night"

And "only slices all the way open on the tenth listen."

XXX predicts: "people are going to like it."

Jeremy says "Since day one this effort was a dedicated salute to Shawn Reed and his excellent label. I knew for years "this material will comprise my night people tape and I WILL SOMEDAY COMPLETE THIS RECORDING. Remember I'm the best under these conditions"

And if you haven't got the sole Lazy Magnet LP on Corleone than you're probably missing the best album of the 21st century and I'm not even kidding.