Matthew Dotson - "Excavation" (self-released)

Matthew Dotson brings to mind my enthusiasm for the eclectic works of Jim O'Rourke. Not the melodic guitar/pop, but the found sound, noise, esoterica collage experimental stuff. Dotson's Excavation is a challenging listen and with two side-long pieces of music, patience is key. If this kind of electronic music is your kind of thing, listen to this album because it exudes quality. Side A is an unedited live performance of found sounds from around Japan. The rise and fall of the gurgling electronics creates a forward momentum that seems composed. If recordings of frogs from Connecticut and guitar & bass feedback sounds like a dynamic duo, you will LOVE side B. For me, I'm more a side A kinda guy. The B side is just as well-crafted as the A side, but less compelling. Either way Matthew Dotson is a talent and someone to pay attention to.

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